A Wrightsville Beach local, Ben Bourgeois is one of the top surfers in the world and, some would argue, singlehandedly restored Wrightsville Beach’s reputation as a great surf spot. Born in Ocean City, New Jersey to a waterborne family, Ben started surfing at age three and quickly showed a promising talent. He began entering surf competitions at age six in New Jersey, gaining more and more experience for what would be a successful pro surfing career.


In 1986, he and his family moved south to Wrightsville. Growing up on the North Carolina coastline, Ben travelled to barrier islands and worked to improve his surfing skills with his friends. His practice paid off when he won the 1995 Quiksilver World Grommet Contest in Bali as a relative unknown, gaining international recognition. He then took the crown at the junior’s division of the 1996 I.S.A. World games at Huntington Beach, California.


Following his early success, Ben has continued to receive accolades. He has earned spots on World Championship Tours, won a gold medal in the 2003 X Games in Huntington Beach, came on top in the 2008 Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro, and has travelled all over the world in search of the perfect wave. He has been featured on the cover of over ten major surfing publications, including Surfing Magazine, Surfer Magazine, and Transworld Surf. His sponsors include Spy sunglasses, Reef, Dakine, Sun Diego, and Wrightsville’s Sweetwater Surfshop.


After establishing himself not only as an extremely talented surfer but also as a regular at SurfBerry in between his adventures, in April 2013 SurfBerry was stoked to announce its sponsorship of Ben. His enthusiasm for life, thirst for excitement, and, of course, his passion for good food embody SurfBerry’s values.


In between jetsetting and adventure seeking in exotic locations, Ben continues to push himself for the love of the sport and the experiences he gains from his passion, stopping by Wrightsville Beach whenever he can to visit his roots – and grab one of his favorite acai bowls.