SurfBerry Natural Organic Health Snacks and Frozen Yogurt


Sweet dreams

An American classic, SurfBerry makes the best milkshakes on the beach. Our milkshakes are sure to please as a cap to a fun-filled day in the sun, or a delicious dinner at one of Wrightsville’s many great restaurants. Our homemade milkshakes are made with our famous SurfBerry froyo, organic milk, and topped with whipped cream. Make one of our shakes the cherry on top of your stay at the beach!

Milkshakes (16oz)

Made with organic milk, topped with whipped cream & cherry

Extra Blending Toppings:  $0.50 / each

Milkshake Flavor’s…

Caramel Coast

Vanilla Froyo, caramel, coffee

Offshore Oreo

Vanilla Froyo, Oreos

Chocolate Chill

Chocolate  Froyo,  coffee

Cookie Dough Carver

Vanilla Froyo, cookie dough bits

Strawberry Shore Break

Vanilla Froyo, strawberries

Pipeline Pineapple

Vanilla Froyo, pineapple

Radical Reese’s

Chocolate Froyo, Reese’s


Vanilla Froyo, Watermelon

Banana Bliss

Chocolate Froyo, banana

Create Your Own

Choose any Froyo & one topping