Organic Wheatgrass 4 oz

$ 8.00







The vibrant green of a wheatgrass shot tells you just how healthy it is! Wheatgrass shots are made from locally grown wheatgrass, which is cultivated from common wheat plants. Like its color suggests, wheatgrass is full of vitamins and chlorophyll, similar to other leafy greens like spinach. Wheatgrass juice is cultivated from the shoots of the wheat plant, so it’s gluten free.


Wheatgrass juice contains enzymes, amino acids, protein, beta carotene, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and vitamins E, C and B 12 –these shots are health powerhouses! Wheatgrass juice has been shown to improve a variety of health ailments, including digestive issues.


We press our wheatgrass juice fresh to order. Try one by itself with a slice of orange, or create your own wheatgrass combination!